Blackthorn Timber Windows

– Our solution –

Blackthorn Timber Windows produce very high quality double-glazed timber windows and doors that come with a 30 year guarantee. It was this high level of confidence in their products that we picked as the key selling point and led to us creating the key sales message of “a lot of things can change in 30 years, your windows shouldn’t be one of them.” We visually linked this to emotive photography of a mother and baby together with a selection of previous installations. All of this was printed on to an A6 postcard that was distributed to specific postcodes around the North East and Yorkshire areas. Crucially, the postcard was sent using ‘Solo’ distribution to ensure it was not lost within a bundle takeaway menus and other no-related sales leaflets.

Double-sided postcard

Double-sided A6 postcard

The entire distribution was tracked using GPS enabled smartphones and the daily reports were sent to the client so they knew exactly when to start following up potential sales leads.

GPS tracking

GPS tracking of postcard distribution


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