Lemington Riverside Primary School rebrand

– Our solution –

The school is a focal point for the local area and as such, we wanted to reflect this locality within the brand. This was achieved by including two local landmarks into the main logo (the brick tower of the historic Lemington Glass Works and Scotswood Bridge). The bridge was then adapted into a sunshine mark to symbolise a new dawn as well as inject a happy vibrant colour into the brand. We also created an icon based around the hashtag #wearelemington that is used to across all social media platforms to promote the local area as well as the school.

old vs new logo

The new logo was then used on signage across the school site and they were so proud of it that they invited local residents to find out more about the school, their activites, plans and ambitions at a special event and unveiling of the brand by the Mayor of Newcastle.
New signnew wall signschool jumper with new logo#wearelemington hashtag



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