My Little Heart to Yours
Branding and website
Branding, Web design


Could you run 1000 miles? That’s what one amazing little girl is doing to raise £5,000 to help children in war torn countries who are suffering through no fault of their own. As a result of her ongoing efforts, a new charity was created called ‘My Little Heart to Yours’ and we were more than happy to donate our time and skills to create the branding and website to drive donations.

An inspiring story

When we first heard about the fund raising aims of this remarkable little girl it was clear to us that this had the potential to be a much bigger and wider-reaching activity. Their initial aim was for a simple website to record progress and encourage donations but we encouraged branding the whole endeavour and suggested the name ‘My Little Heart to Yours’.

This simple yet powerful message is not limited to just one activity or fund-raising target and has proven to be an inspiration to other young fundraisers.

Every step of the way

After designing a distinctive brand style and logo, we created the website to allow easy update of key stats such as distance ran. A clear route of donation was also set up.

A professional quality promotional video was also created by Dan Aziz to help tell the story behind the campaign. This has helped to raise awarness with large media organisations as well as link up with the international charity Save the Children.

If you can, please donate...


Salwa Bowen
Project Director