Mountain Dog
Brand update
Branding, Editorial, Signage


Mountain Dog are one of the UK’s leading independent online retailers of active dog equipment, accessories and apparel. As part of an expansion they wanted to update their brand to better reflect the quality of the products they sell and the high level of customer service they offer. Our rebrand has given a more focused, clearer identity that strengthens their position in a competitive marketplace.

Expanding brand horizons

A logo is the most visible element within a brand tool kit so it's important to be adaptable across various media and sizes. The core icon we designed is a bold shape that retains recognition of the dog even when reduced small or reproduced in low resolution situations such as stitched labels.

The typeface used was chosen for its legibility at various sizes and works well in both Headline and Body copy situations. Colour also plays its part with a mix of a reassuring dark blue and strong golden yellow that hints at the colours seen in the great outdoors.

Standing out from the crowd

The brand was further expanded to focus on 3 main parts of the business i.e. Online, In Store and On Tour. We created internal, external and directional signage for the physical store and promotional flyers, postcards and brochures for use at trade and retail events such as Crufts dog show.