The Learning Pit
Introduction to The Learning Pit
Animation, Illustration, Video


The Learning Pit encourages people to step out of their comfort zones and develop a positive attitude towards learning which is something that, as designers, we can totally relate to. To help explain the core concepts, the creator of The Learning Pit, James Nottingham, asked us bring his ideas to life in a short video. We achieved this by sketching out the concepts as he spoke, all matched to the brand illustration style we had previously created.

Visual and auditory learning

When learning something new, some people repsond visually whereas others respond audibly. Sketching out ideas as they are spoken allowed us to cover both options at once. One of our biggest challenges was matching the timing of the animation to the spoken words. This was acheived by paying close attention to the speed of speech patterns, increasing or decreasing the level of complexity of the illustrations as well as focussing in on the core message to be communicated.

Consistent illustration style

Having originally created the illustration style used throughout all Learning Pit material we were quickly able to work up new illustrations as well as edit and amend previous ones that remain true to brand style.


James Nottingham
Creator of The Learning Pit