SP30 Gesture plate
3D, Animation, Illustration, Digital, Social


Simmtronic are one of the market leaders in intelligent lighting control solutions. They create innovative products such as the SPS.30 Gesture Control Plate. It uses contactless technology to reduce the risk of surface transmissable viruses and bacteria. We were asked to create a short video to demostrate how it works, highlight the benefits it brings to a post-COVID office space and the importance of clean and hygienic workplaces.

3D modelling and rendering

Due to the pre-production stage of the product development we did not have a finished product to use in the video so we rendered a fully 3D built scene and overlayed video of the hands to simulate who the product works.

Social media ready

There's no point having a great video if no one knows about it! We created a range of promotional images and short videos to use across social media channels.


Marketing Manager