North Sport Physio
Brand creation and website
Branding, Web design, Printing

The Brief

To create a new brand for a sports physio that appeals to all ages and levels of fitness from professional athletes to the elderly.

Brand storytelling

No matter the level of fitness or age of the patient, everyone follows a journey back to fitness and it is this journey that we focussed on with the brand. This starts with movement, a theme we developed into the logo and main tagline ‘Freedom to move’ reinforced with animation of the logo and the use of bespoke, high quality video and photography.

Simplifying the Process

The four key stages of the recovery were identified and visualised to help break down the process for patients with a further breakdown of treatments and services available that were shown the website with careful consideration of screen sizes.

We also created a printed leaflets and roller bannerstands to communicate the many services and treatments on offer as well as a full stationery set and assessment forms.


Clinical Director, North Sport Physio