Vin-X Fine Wine Investment
Brand development
Illustration, Animation, Editorial design


Vin-X are one of the world’s leading wine investment companies. This type of commodity is seen as a ‘passion investment’ and our brief was to create an illustration brand style that combines the trust required for serious financial discussions with the light-hearted nature of wine. In short, serious fun!

Drawing inspiration

Fine wine has long being associated with the wealthy and wine investment with an older demographic. Our aim was to make it appear accessible to everyone. We achieved this through the use of illustration. We created a refined illustration brand style that makes use of energetic brushstroke lines, restrained use of bold colour and playful characters to humanise the messages.

Consistent illustration style

As with any brand, consistency is essential. We created a bank of illustrations covering various topics and messages that can be used throughout all marketing activities as well as creating new images when required.

This style proved to be very flexible even when used on serious elements such as graphs and charts. These are updated regularly on their website to reflect the latest trading data. We also create monthly and quarterly reports that tread the fine line between serious financial reporting and interesting articles on general investment trends.