Multichannel marketing material
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As our oldest customer, since 2005, we have had the privilege of supporting Raytec’s marketing activities as they have grown into a World leader in LED lighting for safety and security.
Over the years we have evolved with them producing everything from branding, advertising campaigns, brochures, exhibition material, technical datasheets and installation guides. We have created various iterations of their website and create an ongoing stream of static, animated and video content for use on their website and social media channels.

The test of time

Our original forward-looking logo design has stood the test of time and still looks as fresh and relevant today as it did all those years ago. The use of colour has been an important part of the brand from the start with silver used to reflect the technical expertise and quality of the products and red and white to reflect the infra-red and white-light nature of their core product ranges.

Global reach

Acting as brand guardians, we ensure company values, visual quality, and tone of voice are maintained consistenly worldwide.

We constantly work alongside the marketing team to develop new campaigns that are adapted, localised and output to the most suitable print, digital or social channels.

Real world impact

Print still plays an important role in modern marketing, especially at trade shows. Stands are designed to be scalable to ensure brand consistency at exhibitions of all sizes around the world. Careful attention is paid to the positioning of products, images and messages, and the impact they create.

Technically brilliant

Although all product information is available on the Raytec website, a printed sales brochure is still an effective marketing tool. These are designed to display tech specs in an easy-to-read format whilst paying close attention to the details. We also design installation guides and datasheets for every product that include illustrations, detailed instructions and specifications.

These have been translated into most European languages as well as Chinese, Japanese and Korean.


Callum Ryder
Marketing Manager